Friday, March 25, 2011


Today, I'm so out of ideas so I'm thinking about getting to create a post for one of my favorite cosplayers...


You are a flower in full bloom,
As if, through a mist, a first loom;

You are a fine line that holds beauty

So fragile it seems, yet so pretty.

When I first met this girl, there's something that separates her from the rest of the cosplayers that day. Her smile, her looks and most likely her efforts of portraying the character she had chose to imitate.

I can't believe my eyes at first. But yeah what I see is the first cosplayer who did Oichi in Samurai Warriors 3

I thought at first that it's her debut to cosplay and she could be lucky that she got noticed. After my friend introduced her to me(through Facebook), I was shocked. She is really a big-time cosplayer.

Of life, you are much of a mirth
As if the joy that welcomes birth,

A beauty personified in earth
A locke of immeasurable worth.

Beauty is just skin deep they say, but she proved it wrong. While earnestly studying for her future, she never forgets her friends, she never had forgotten her smiles. No wonder, she's been recognized by some even she's not at cosplay. She is open for everybody and her outgoing personality melts the hearts of her shy admirers and fans

Well, she might be famous but like some other cosplayers I know, she maintains a low profile. I don't know if she participated in a catwalk alone, but yeah I was thinking positively that she will be the next rising star if she went to do it.

Best Alisa cosplayer ever.

Despite cosplaying popular anime and game characters, she prefers the a sexy or a cute character. She also had done at least two characters that hasn't been cosplayed before(as far as I know) in the Philippines. Look at how she is determined to be the first to do it. Her dedication indeed to cosplay is very strong, she can be the next cosplay legend.

She even said this:

i enjoy cosplaying, it is already a part of my world, and if im too old for this,

i'll have my child in the future continue on doing it XD

You are the reason why now I write
These simple lines so soft and lite.
Yet, no amount of art can, e’en for a while
Describe the true beauty bestowed on your smile.

A short blogpost indeed, but I believe I poured my heart and soul on this first blogpost for a dedication to one of the best cosplayers: Jen Hime

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~
    this is soooo nice shoji :D
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    jen here by the way :D