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Grand Chase = ELISIS vs AlL

Okay, it appears it's going a little bit early for me to create this post. But I'll be posting all of my experience of using Elesis as Spear in Grand Chase before I forget.

Why Spear?
I prefer Spearman than all other Elesis jobs because it's suits my gameplay, safe and midrange attacks

How can you say 'safe gameplay'?
I prefer to play defensively.

How cheap you are using spearman!
Yeah, and good luck when we meet in PVP.

Spearman has an advantage in range unlike other melee fighters(Except Asura and Warlord). All of her attacks from Basic to Skills are ranged. Spearman has devastating combos. Spearman can evade dangerous situations

Her dash sucks. Because of this, she can't keep up with the 'runners'.
Spearmen aren't very powerful damage-wise in Dungeons on early levels, because they often hit by 5-50 by regular attacks.



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The Matchups:

In general - the basics of a spearman revolves on abusing the range. The speed can be the biggest disadvantage due to her inability to run. Spearmen can use aggressive attack skills, like combo attacks and furious jab-and-throw attacks and can also carry out quick multiple attacks with grace, despite their cumbersome appearance.

one can really look up this match very easy in spear's favor but no it isn't. There are some Sword Elesis players are able to par with the spear using their speed(especially with the doubledash skill). My own experience shows that by carefully doing dash attacks(which is actually a sweep) might be able to stop her abusive hit-and-run tactics. Also, staying on the bottom platforms is a good idea due to their range can hit them on the above. You'll only need to be aware about their surprise level 2 skills.

VS ELISIS(SPEAR) - the best player who abuses the range wins

VS ELISIS(SWORDMASTER) - forget about their giant swords. The spear has the longer range than them. Plus, Swordmasters does not have much attacks that you need to be afraid of.

VS ELSIS(SAVIOR) - it's just the first job with additional sword. Now, they can do double attacks in air. it's a no joke since Spears can only do an attack once. To counter these double attacks, simply do a dash attack.

VS LIRE(BOW) - now fighting range combat. this could be a pain if the Lire is a mobile one(especially with the Skill Stree Air Dash). Press the attack. If the berserk activates, you'll have chance to approach that lucky player.

VS LIRE(CROSSBOW) - this could be difficult. Crossbows are able to dish out damage much stronger than bows and they're more mobile too. They are able to pass through you by their dash. Fortunately, you do not flinch when you get hit so you can still press the attack.

VS LIRE(ARCH RANGER) - they can fire straight and fast(in three successions). Luckily for you, they are vulnerable in the air. If you pressure them they might as well give up.

the problem with this class is that they do have some issues with close combat. be aware about their charging shot(Lv1). Just like the other ones, press the attack.

VS ARME(Mage) - Mage are the toughest enemy of Elesis(or if in case other Melee classes). Their fireball can dish out large damage output than arrows(Not unless you have the skill Fireball Defence) and with the help of the skill tree, they are dangerous foes in close combat with their Stone Curse(lv2). Try to get a high ground to approach. Be aware that when she dashes she can either pass through you or grab. If you're mindful enough about where's she's going, you can beat her to pulp.

VS ARME(Alchemist) - I can't tell much about this. But since their update, they can only throw bombs while airborne and perform melee attack when on ground. Their Cloud Kill(Black lv2) can be dangerous. Approach her with caution.

VS ARME(Warlock) - not much experience fighting this one, but this should be easy as hell. They're offensive capabilities got a little weaker than before and they have to call out spirits before they can throw anything.

VS ARME(Battle Mage) - Avoid staying on the low ground if she's on the high ground. Just like Mage, the fireball can dish out much damage. Be aware that when they are in close combat, their combo can deal much damage. And when given a time that she could cast the Big impact(Black Lv3), you're doomed. Since your spear has a longer range, you should not have much issues about catching her.

VS RONAN(Magic Knight) - This should be same as Elesis(sword). He might have the magic bolt, but that can be avoided. Also all you need to do is to get some distance and surprise attacks.

VS RONAN(Dragon Knight) - Slightly longer range due to their Glaive and Dive Attack, you're in danger unless you keep him on your sights. Your advantage is the jump attack.

VS RONAN(Aegis Knight) - this might give you a headache due to their shields. They can run AND defend causing you a stun when you attack. It's not always good to catch a running Aegis Knight. Their jump attack may also hurt but can be countered by the Spear's dash attack. Be watchful also with their Rune Flair.

VS RONAN(Abyss Knight) - luckily they have their shields removed. However, an array of magical attacks may hurt. Be watchful on their jump attack.

VS RYAN(Druid) - Despite of his low attack rating, Ryan can be very dangerous(I can't help it. Call me biased because I use it but that's the way I beat other Spears as well). Their jump attack like Aegis Knight can hurt, especially Druid's can do double attack in the air(Hit and dive attack). They can heal themselves, they can leech HP from others(Lv1 Poison Spore), and can wall to give them some time of their plans. Don't let them wall out. Though they have advantage due to their skill Air Dash, you can still catch him from the ground. Your advantage is the ground attack range, though little damage, can destroy him. Avoid getting hit with their normal combo because they damge stronger than you expect. By the way, don't panic if they transform into a wolf, you can deal with them easier than the druid himself

VS RYAN(Sentinel) - Their weapon can be dangerous minus the range. You can still survive by abusing their range. Be aware about their Soul Impact(Lv2).

VS RYAN(Viken) - Their scythe can par with the spear range. however, they cannot transform. With proper abusing of your range, you should be able to take him out.

VS RYAN(Vanquisher) - it is like fighting a Lass(Thief) with a larger range than him if he's using the Storm Blades. Take note of his Storm Blade skill Gatling Spiral(lv1) can dish out much of your HP if you get hit.

VS LASS(Thief) - Thief can be easy if you know what you're doing. They can spam kunais which will activate your beserk, giving you time to approach the enemy. They can leap to escape but they don't have airdash. Also don't get hit of the kunais from above to avoid being grabbed. Watch for their Raven Walker(Lv3 Skill Tree) and Fatal Fury(Lv2).

VS LASS(Assassin) - They just don't have dash, they have double dash~! Always pressure him by doing the dash attacks. His range is short so abuse yours. The Splash Explosion can kill by the way.

VS LASS(Dark Assassin) - Most of the DAs I have encountered abused their vertical dash. Unfortunately they don't phase like the Arme's vertical dash in which you can hit them with jump attacks. The only thing that bothers me would be the Invisible State(Lv1) which adds 30% damage on their first hit after they have themselves invisible. Worry not, you can track their moves if they still use their dash if they do so.

VS LASS(Striker) - this version of Lass is the very painful. They can disappear and appear at your back. Their dash attack and jump attack can hurt lots. Most runners abuse the double dash. Pressure him. If you notice he disappear , face your back. They can initiate Rage Cutter fast so it's not always a good idea to face him head-on.

VS AMY(Dancer) - I haven't fought much Dancers. They have the advantage of buffs by changing their stances. They can throw their Chakrams which you can defend but they do a follow up dive attack. To avoid this situation you can spam attacking the air when you get hit with the chakram to hit her with the jump attack instead. They can do dash and double jump so by watching where they go, you'll be able to pressure her. Watch out for the Shy Shy Punch(Lv1) followed by the Ditzy Rush(Lv2).

VS AMY(Muse) - Muses are rare, I haven't fought any muses lately. All I know is that they do basic range attack in their Muse Mode(That can't be blocked unfortunately). Beware about the Flying Spin(Lv1) which can be followed with a Grab. They still retain their dash and double jump so try keep up using the jump and the dash attacks.

VS AMY(Siren) - Same thing with dancer, jump attack + dive attack. To avoid spam attack in air will help. Their Pretty Virus(Lv1) can be annoying as well.

VS AMY(Starlet) - Take note: Amy's trademark mobility and double air attacks. You know what to do. Take it easy but watch out for the Jack Knife(Lv1).

VS JIN(Fighter) - take it easy when he's not charging chi. You have the range you can use...

VS JIN(Tonfa) - same thing with the fighter. Avoid getting hit with their combo. Watch out because they can roll.

VS JIN(Asura) - This pose an imminent threat. Their range matches the spear, plus the speed. Their jump attack can deal the first hit too. To avoid this, use the dash attack. Don't let him get MP because you'll get dealt with their skills.

VS JIN(Deva) - You can't just attack... you have to be mobile a bit before attacking due to their exploding fists. And they do a stance change, don't position yourself above him.

VS SEIGHART(Gladiator) - this looks like the male version of Elisis(sword). Do not engage him in the air because of their double attack. Try using the dash attack or a simple attack.

VS SEIGHART(Warlord) - this is the spear version of Seighart. Watch out for their dive attack. Also avoid getting cornered because they have speed. Also don't get caught with their skills.

VS SEIGHART(Duelist) - male version of Elisis(Savior) Once again, watch for their double attacks in air. Note that when he's on the stance change, avoid directly confront him. Use cunning and range.

VS SEIGHART(Prime Knight) - Swordmaster's counter part. Their speed is their primary asset together with the JF. Don't let them hit you the first part of the combo or you'll suffer more damage.

I haven't had much fights with the MARI characters. Will update as soon as possible

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