Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's been a long day...

played 7 hours of Counterstrike and Grand Chase before sleeping for short 5 hours(afternoon insomia strikes back). Here I am, at work, feeling exhausted. Been browsing my oldy-old pics from my friendster and facebook. Also checking 'someone's' blog to see if there's any updates.

Anyways, I wish i could play Starcraft more. I missed it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Blog!

Hello good day and welcome to my blog! This is my very first entry here.^^

Let me introduce myself just in case you haven't seen my profile yet. I just turned 21 this August. I'm a gamer. I loooooove games a lot that I made a lot of friends. I'm a proud anime and manga fan as well. Right now, I'm into story writing and drawing.

Music is one of my constant interest. I play drums, keyboards and sometimes I take the voice. I'm no good in guitars^^. Also, although I'm from Philippines, I never liked Pinoy Rap. I prefer the old-school Pinoy rock. J-rock and J-pop are those music I'm listening to.

I'm also interested in cosplay though I never had done cosplay myself. I've befriended a lot of cosplayers from here and overseas.

Right now, I working as a technical support in a contact center. I'm earning decently and I wish I could have more time for myself.

I'm not interested in politics. Not in showbiz. Just live life like normal.