Friday, March 25, 2011


Today, I'm so out of ideas so I'm thinking about getting to create a post for one of my favorite cosplayers...


You are a flower in full bloom,
As if, through a mist, a first loom;

You are a fine line that holds beauty

So fragile it seems, yet so pretty.

When I first met this girl, there's something that separates her from the rest of the cosplayers that day. Her smile, her looks and most likely her efforts of portraying the character she had chose to imitate.

I can't believe my eyes at first. But yeah what I see is the first cosplayer who did Oichi in Samurai Warriors 3

I thought at first that it's her debut to cosplay and she could be lucky that she got noticed. After my friend introduced her to me(through Facebook), I was shocked. She is really a big-time cosplayer.

Of life, you are much of a mirth
As if the joy that welcomes birth,

A beauty personified in earth
A locke of immeasurable worth.

Beauty is just skin deep they say, but she proved it wrong. While earnestly studying for her future, she never forgets her friends, she never had forgotten her smiles. No wonder, she's been recognized by some even she's not at cosplay. She is open for everybody and her outgoing personality melts the hearts of her shy admirers and fans

Well, she might be famous but like some other cosplayers I know, she maintains a low profile. I don't know if she participated in a catwalk alone, but yeah I was thinking positively that she will be the next rising star if she went to do it.

Best Alisa cosplayer ever.

Despite cosplaying popular anime and game characters, she prefers the a sexy or a cute character. She also had done at least two characters that hasn't been cosplayed before(as far as I know) in the Philippines. Look at how she is determined to be the first to do it. Her dedication indeed to cosplay is very strong, she can be the next cosplay legend.

She even said this:

i enjoy cosplaying, it is already a part of my world, and if im too old for this,

i'll have my child in the future continue on doing it XD

You are the reason why now I write
These simple lines so soft and lite.
Yet, no amount of art can, e’en for a while
Describe the true beauty bestowed on your smile.

A short blogpost indeed, but I believe I poured my heart and soul on this first blogpost for a dedication to one of the best cosplayers: Jen Hime

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fail Con

Okay here's it is, the article I mdae up for the event...

Tamashii Con March 19, 2011

After work, I immediately packed up stuffs for this event. Sadly I was expecting it to be a big event and I am so much disappointed.

Tamashii Con is a small event... and yet they made it worst.

For an event worth of 100php with less booths, less space inside, ask yourself, is it really worth it?

I think not...

Now the worst part comes in, guards around 3 or 4 of them wandering and "catching cosplayers outside of the event and forcing them" to get to that paid event. It appears that the organizers if the event, knowing that they are getting a little attention, talked to the security guards advicing them to advice us to join them! This has never happened before in the history of anime conventions... NEVER EVER!

So the Gatecrasher Family joined NYAKO to enjoy the event outside of the venue. The bad rotten luck, even we are almost far from that place, guards still followed us and kept on telling us to go to the event!

They even mind-controlled Abogs-chan to persuade our photographers to enter that venue.

Despite of that chaos, we still managed to get some nice photos. One of the cosplayers got sick and needs to get home early so I lost track about what happened next because I have to get her to the bus. Anyways, there's always the next time, my friend.

The group with the different hair style and colors

Even Luke was really disappointed and mad about this event so we decided to end up the event too early and celebrate the remaining time to eat. Although it's fun to stay with NYAKO, we are actually shaken by the fact that this event is a fail...

If not for the guards, and the organizers telling us to get to their event, this day would have gone smooth as cosplayers can roam on the mall. If they want us to get inside of the venue, they should have not sold tickets anymore. Also, the place is soooo small, and nothing's worth to see except the catwalk.

I'm hopeful this won't be happening again.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Gamer Post of the Day.

Alright here's another gaming post for today. This is dedicated to all Grand Chasers.

Grand Chase Etiquettes

1. If you join a room, you have no right to complain. This goes to those people who does not read the room title especially. People tend to join a room and then request to change the map due to imbalances, request to change dungeons due to missions or just to annoy you. If you don't like the map then join another room, don't complain to the room masters. They'll just kick your butts out. Also they are in control of dungeon raids where they want to go through.

2. Don't ever think about level sitting. You're a level sitter if you have more levels than the ones you are requesting to battle. It's disrespectful.

3. Trashtalking. Okay guys, you might throw rocks at me at this point. Don't talk trash while you can't even touch your opponent. If you resort of doing this, you'll be reported for spamming.

If he whispers you, block him...

4. Cashers vs Skills. Don't be intimidated with Cashers. They may have money outside of the game but skills will still be your primary tools. Some Cash items exist to make you just look good.

5. Hacks. be considerate to others who are playing the game for fun. If you use hacks, you might as well destroy the game. If you got caught and got IP-Banned, you lose. This applies to other online games as well.

6. Try to Fight a player 10 levels ahead of you. Experience counts.

7. Play other maps! Well said.

8. Know your place... one word: respect.

example of a no respect guy... take a look at the chat

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tsukiko Amano (Or Simply Tsuki Amano)

Before I get to post my article for PCC, I might as well put on a simple thoughts about this great artist.

Tsukiko Amano in Chou

Tsukiko Amano (天野月子, Tsukiko Amano) is a Japanese singer, mostly famous for singing Chou in the ending song of Fatal Frame II. She also did the theme song for Fatal Frame III ,Koe and for Fatal Frame IV, Zero No Chouritsu and Noise. Some of her songs are also used in commercials and J-drama

Tsukiko Amano in Koe

What I like in this artist is that she has the very best voice quality. She can sing with high voice with ease. She puts emotion on her songs and one can feel it.

What's more? She designs her own costume used in her music videos. Remarkable ones from the 5ive.

Clockwise from top: As the Character in Fuusen MV, Fukurou MV, Konton MV, Karasu MV, Utakata MV

She is also a painter which is available at her japanese blog. Her search for artisitic freedom is her inspiration of her paintings.

Tsukiko recently announced that she would retire from her old name, as well as singing. As of 2008, she wanted to be recognized as Tsuki, not Tsukiko. Since it is no longer the year of the rat, the year for new beginnings, she would like to retire from the name. And since it's the year for new beginnings, Tsuki would like to begin a new name. On January 10, 2010, she announced she would be returning to music.

She has a Myspace account:

Tsukiko Amano rocks!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

PCC - March 5, 2011

It was raining mildly that afternoon. I thought I'll not be able to get there but I still wanted to. And I'm glad I had made the right choice.

PCC, short for Philippine Cosplay Convention, is one of the largest Cosplay Convention in the country. The equivalent of Comiket in Japan. Anime, Manga, Gaming and Cosplay enthusiast meet at this event.

Of course, Gatecrasher Aruiko, Gatecrasher Rina, NYAKO, and yours truly wouldn't want to miss the event. After all this is just once every year.

At first, I thought, would this be an epic fail event like the SM San Lazaro event.(More info on the previous posts) The venue's too large. Robinsons Manila is a huge mall. No Entrance Fees, Securities all over the place, and too many cosplayers!(I dare you, count 'em)

After assisting Aruiko on his cosplay, we went to enjoy with the rest of the NYAKO starting from these people:

The girls of NYAKO.

The Photographers: Luke and Rina. Mark on the back

After taking of few announced-stolen-shots, I tried to wander around. I tell you, it's getting crowded. Photographers, spectators, anime fans, even foreigners!

Even this one:

Kidding aside, I missed my favorite cosplayers though. I thought they were not there but they went there! I missed you all!

After enjoying the sight of the cosplayers around, I realized I forgot one thing and I regret it... why didn't I cosplay? I put the blame on my unpreparedness... but oh well. I still enjoyed the day though and I'm there to be happy. Now here's a surprise, I have never done this with the Gatecrasher Family yet but I think it's okay, I've got a group pic of NYAKO.

NYAKO with Gatecrasher Aruiko

As I took another round of wandering...

This guy even stopped us in surprise just to take a photograph.

I remember this cosplayer last year...

At first, Aruiko thought it was a joke. But he played DotA the night before using this character...

the biggest turning point of that day was about the contest. I know at first that somebody I know of would win that cosplay competition and guess what, this famous cosplayer had win it!

Congratulations Ate Shei!

It was a blast. After taking much photos, the event ended and everybody packing up. The rest of NYAKOs took a break before going home, I get to know some more friends in NYAKO. I know for sure, that it's always happier to get along with friends during conventions.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Comedy sa San Lazaro event

If that is a real zebra, he should be dead by now....

This happened while Rina and Luke are taking photoshoots...