Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Gamer Post of the Day.

Alright here's another gaming post for today. This is dedicated to all Grand Chasers.

Grand Chase Etiquettes

1. If you join a room, you have no right to complain. This goes to those people who does not read the room title especially. People tend to join a room and then request to change the map due to imbalances, request to change dungeons due to missions or just to annoy you. If you don't like the map then join another room, don't complain to the room masters. They'll just kick your butts out. Also they are in control of dungeon raids where they want to go through.

2. Don't ever think about level sitting. You're a level sitter if you have more levels than the ones you are requesting to battle. It's disrespectful.

3. Trashtalking. Okay guys, you might throw rocks at me at this point. Don't talk trash while you can't even touch your opponent. If you resort of doing this, you'll be reported for spamming.

If he whispers you, block him...

4. Cashers vs Skills. Don't be intimidated with Cashers. They may have money outside of the game but skills will still be your primary tools. Some Cash items exist to make you just look good.

5. Hacks. be considerate to others who are playing the game for fun. If you use hacks, you might as well destroy the game. If you got caught and got IP-Banned, you lose. This applies to other online games as well.

6. Try to Fight a player 10 levels ahead of you. Experience counts.

7. Play other maps! Well said.

8. Know your place... one word: respect.

example of a no respect guy... take a look at the chat

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