Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tsukiko Amano (Or Simply Tsuki Amano)

Before I get to post my article for PCC, I might as well put on a simple thoughts about this great artist.

Tsukiko Amano in Chou

Tsukiko Amano (天野月子, Tsukiko Amano) is a Japanese singer, mostly famous for singing Chou in the ending song of Fatal Frame II. She also did the theme song for Fatal Frame III ,Koe and for Fatal Frame IV, Zero No Chouritsu and Noise. Some of her songs are also used in commercials and J-drama

Tsukiko Amano in Koe

What I like in this artist is that she has the very best voice quality. She can sing with high voice with ease. She puts emotion on her songs and one can feel it.

What's more? She designs her own costume used in her music videos. Remarkable ones from the 5ive.

Clockwise from top: As the Character in Fuusen MV, Fukurou MV, Konton MV, Karasu MV, Utakata MV

She is also a painter which is available at her japanese blog. Her search for artisitic freedom is her inspiration of her paintings.

Tsukiko recently announced that she would retire from her old name, as well as singing. As of 2008, she wanted to be recognized as Tsuki, not Tsukiko. Since it is no longer the year of the rat, the year for new beginnings, she would like to retire from the name. And since it's the year for new beginnings, Tsuki would like to begin a new name. On January 10, 2010, she announced she would be returning to music.

She has a Myspace account:

Tsukiko Amano rocks!

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