Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fail Con

Okay here's it is, the article I mdae up for the event...

Tamashii Con March 19, 2011

After work, I immediately packed up stuffs for this event. Sadly I was expecting it to be a big event and I am so much disappointed.

Tamashii Con is a small event... and yet they made it worst.

For an event worth of 100php with less booths, less space inside, ask yourself, is it really worth it?

I think not...

Now the worst part comes in, guards around 3 or 4 of them wandering and "catching cosplayers outside of the event and forcing them" to get to that paid event. It appears that the organizers if the event, knowing that they are getting a little attention, talked to the security guards advicing them to advice us to join them! This has never happened before in the history of anime conventions... NEVER EVER!

So the Gatecrasher Family joined NYAKO to enjoy the event outside of the venue. The bad rotten luck, even we are almost far from that place, guards still followed us and kept on telling us to go to the event!

They even mind-controlled Abogs-chan to persuade our photographers to enter that venue.

Despite of that chaos, we still managed to get some nice photos. One of the cosplayers got sick and needs to get home early so I lost track about what happened next because I have to get her to the bus. Anyways, there's always the next time, my friend.

The group with the different hair style and colors

Even Luke was really disappointed and mad about this event so we decided to end up the event too early and celebrate the remaining time to eat. Although it's fun to stay with NYAKO, we are actually shaken by the fact that this event is a fail...

If not for the guards, and the organizers telling us to get to their event, this day would have gone smooth as cosplayers can roam on the mall. If they want us to get inside of the venue, they should have not sold tickets anymore. Also, the place is soooo small, and nothing's worth to see except the catwalk.

I'm hopeful this won't be happening again.


  1. I guess you haven't been to a con at Mega Mall in a while. the guards have been really strict regarding cosplayers and photographers being outside the con area since at least late 2010. in December, that policy stretched out even to the parking lot.

    the large crowds that tend to form whenever people take pictures of cosplayers keeps other mall goers from moving around and shops tend to get blocked off. it's a hazard for security and an irritant for customers.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Now I know...