Saturday, March 5, 2011

PCC - March 5, 2011

It was raining mildly that afternoon. I thought I'll not be able to get there but I still wanted to. And I'm glad I had made the right choice.

PCC, short for Philippine Cosplay Convention, is one of the largest Cosplay Convention in the country. The equivalent of Comiket in Japan. Anime, Manga, Gaming and Cosplay enthusiast meet at this event.

Of course, Gatecrasher Aruiko, Gatecrasher Rina, NYAKO, and yours truly wouldn't want to miss the event. After all this is just once every year.

At first, I thought, would this be an epic fail event like the SM San Lazaro event.(More info on the previous posts) The venue's too large. Robinsons Manila is a huge mall. No Entrance Fees, Securities all over the place, and too many cosplayers!(I dare you, count 'em)

After assisting Aruiko on his cosplay, we went to enjoy with the rest of the NYAKO starting from these people:

The girls of NYAKO.

The Photographers: Luke and Rina. Mark on the back

After taking of few announced-stolen-shots, I tried to wander around. I tell you, it's getting crowded. Photographers, spectators, anime fans, even foreigners!

Even this one:

Kidding aside, I missed my favorite cosplayers though. I thought they were not there but they went there! I missed you all!

After enjoying the sight of the cosplayers around, I realized I forgot one thing and I regret it... why didn't I cosplay? I put the blame on my unpreparedness... but oh well. I still enjoyed the day though and I'm there to be happy. Now here's a surprise, I have never done this with the Gatecrasher Family yet but I think it's okay, I've got a group pic of NYAKO.

NYAKO with Gatecrasher Aruiko

As I took another round of wandering...

This guy even stopped us in surprise just to take a photograph.

I remember this cosplayer last year...

At first, Aruiko thought it was a joke. But he played DotA the night before using this character...

the biggest turning point of that day was about the contest. I know at first that somebody I know of would win that cosplay competition and guess what, this famous cosplayer had win it!

Congratulations Ate Shei!

It was a blast. After taking much photos, the event ended and everybody packing up. The rest of NYAKOs took a break before going home, I get to know some more friends in NYAKO. I know for sure, that it's always happier to get along with friends during conventions.

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