Sunday, February 27, 2011

SM San Lazaro Event

Sunday, February 27,2011

Gatecrasher Aruiko and yours truly went to the first ever cosplay event of SM San Lazaro. At first, I was so excited thinking that it will be a successful event due to the members of Broken Cosplayers Guild and Nosebleed Cosplayers guild attending(They have lots of members, it's true). Alas, during the event, we ended up losing 75php for the ticket. Here are the reasons:

1. The event is so small but still you can see them from the outside. You don't need to go inside of the venue to enjoy watching the cosplay catwalk.

this is the shot from the outside

2. The Netopia is there, sadly, there's no free games...

3. There should be some freebies because it's a paid event. But alas, none.

4. According to one of my cosplay idols, there appears to be a chaos during the event itself.

To be honest, we were expecting lots from the organizers but they even didn't care about those who paid the tickets, sooooo bad.

If not for these guys, we didn't enjoy that day. Ladies and genlemen, the National Youth Anime Kinship Organization.

the National Youth Anime Kinship Organization or simply NYAKO. Others not in picture are: Luke, Eugene, Gene, Kyo, Kyohei, Dylan, Ran, Kumiko and Aruiko

They are the group of friends that are very close to the Gatecrasher Family. They are also versatile people who can do music, drawing, photography, cosplay and gaming. While waiting for the event to finish, we ended up doing our own event on the basement... in Timezone(Where in heaven can you find a Tekken 6 for 10php?). Some playing there, some meeting up friends, most of them went to do photography.

Luke posing at TZ

The event ended up by 6 or 7pm and almost everybody's packing up. As we bid goodbye to a failed event, we realized that we, the Gatecrasher Family, are not alone. Thanks a lot NYAKO!

Credits to Rae and Raffy for the Photos I used in this blog post. Here's the NYAKO group page:


And the Gatecrasher Family page:

Gatecrasher Family

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Common words of Gamers

Good day, I feel like I want to post a random rant for today. It's all about gaming.

Remember playing an online game(Ragnarok, Grand Chase, Ran online etc...) or DotA(yeah yeah, I don't feel like playing it anymore), it's a fact that most players type something to annoy, distact, brag or indication of giving up. I'll enumerate to you at least 5 of it.

5. ASA - this three letter word is just for spam... admit it. typing it is such an easy task but you don't know know what it is.

4. Weak - yeah, you know what this word is, i know. But telling players weak could mean 2 things: the opponent has low stats or he is a no-brainer opponent. Not all in the first category can lose though...

this falls under the first category, which means, he mentioned that I am weak before that match

3. n00b or newb = there's a distinctive difference between these two words(aside from spelling of course). When we say this person is a newb, he's really new to the game. First timers fall under this category. When we say n00b, a stupid player that messes up everything in a teamplay, or somebody who can be defeated easily due to tactics... or include this one out.

translation: badtrip, I have sold my Tao Gunka card to an NPC

2. aw - go ahead and vent out. But spamming won't do anything good...

1. GG - there are many meanings of this jargon, could it be Genius Grounds cafe(Hey guys!), /gg emoticon in Ragnarok Online for giggling or it could be as well Good Game, the ones recognized in the professional gaming scene. It is the formal word for surrender/ conceding. Even in S.Korea, it's a very common word in the Starcraft League

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To the Obsessed Persons there!

Here, I found some interesting post I left in my friendster waaaay back.

A man posted in the forums about getting in love with Ina Shibata. In a way he's showing not love but obsession to this cute cosplayer.

So then. Let’s cut to the chase. Another person asked him these, leaving him speechless

1. Girl lives in Japan/China, you live in Philippines.
2. You do not know girl, she does not know you.
3. She has probably got a boyfriend already. Or maybe a girlfriend, you wouldn’t know.
4. Do you speak Japanese? Or Chinese?
5. You are probably the only fan she has…….right?

Isn't it odd that some people does not know the difference of being in love and being obsessed.

Being in love means you respect her, you're not madly climbing to the top to reach her and you are instead inspired about getting to meet her in a good manner. Being in love means she'll make you motivated to do things the right way.

Being obsessed is different. If you want a very good example try watching the video STAN by EMINEM. Obsession is not normal.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I never had thought I had a blogspot account and I've been following a lot of blogs too^_^

Welcome me back, Blogspot!

I remember a very unforgettable moment that happened a month ago


January 23, 2011

I woke up very early that morning. Can't stop to think about what to do, what will happen and will it be worth it. All the answers came to me that day and I realized I have done the right thing... not only for myself but for the others as well.

It was a very hazy morning. Cloudy skies meaning rainfall might occur. I was supposedly be on Marikina Riverbanks by 9:30am but for some reasons, I have difficulty about preparing much for myself. I started my own adventure towards the event by 9:30am! The threat of the rainfall made me pray hard while riding a jeep to Rosario, Pasig. I thought my prayers won't be answered until I board another jeep, this time, making me to realise my mistake on choosing the right path towards the venue. The distance is much longer than I thought! I have to do a 'snatcher' run just to reach the venue by 10:30am and by the time I set my foot on the Riverbanks mall... er, my bodily functions reacted in a funny way that I need to go to the CR to get it to work properly(Sent a funny message to Kirael while doing that!).

...the threat of the weather can't even stop us...

Whew! So I arrived at the event by 10:42am. And whoa, look what I found! IT'S THEM!

The photoshoot event was planned well by Rina-chan and Aruiko. And I can't believe that many people were well informed about this and more people came too! Though the other people and guests are not able to come due to some reasons, the day went on. Managed to take a couple of photoshoot before lunch. Met other great people(you guys know who you are~) and cosplayers and learned some on photography which was taught by Kirael and Rina.

The lunch came out to be Kirael's post birthday celebration. Not with the balloons and games, but with a simple cake with effort from Rina and Aruiko and the greetings from others as well. As a gift, Kirael showed some pretty camera shots while planning on the afternoon part of the event.

Happy birthday!

Second part of the event-

The venue's getting a little crowded(Of course not because of us but to enjoy the place as well) so we decided to go to the other side(and I can't believe that the little pedestrian bridge has fallen).

...and the other side...

Though half of us chose to stay, we opted to go using a longer route, creating a little "Cosplay Parade". The people had their heads turned to us wondering who we are and what are we doing, but others even cheered for us. Of course it is tiring to go to the other side of the Riverbanks but it ended up so rewarding getting the place for us to use without many distractions. While Rina was doing the shoot herself exerting effort to learn more, Kirael, Leiko, Abogs and your truly created a little show. After Rina has done with the photoshoot for the other cosplayers, we initiated the same for her and Aruiko(whew, my hands were shaky but have I done it right?) followed by the group's photoshoot which highlights the event.

The event was really a blast. Though it was a joined effort, credits goes to Rina-chan for the organization of that day(*Applause*). Thank you guys for attending the event and see you at the next conventions