Sunday, April 24, 2011

White ,Red and Black

I don't have much idea to write down these days. Too bad, my ozinefest albums are not yet completed so I have to delay that write up. This is a random post. You might be just familiar about this...


What does the color white mean? For some, this is the color of purity, healing, light, peace and the good. It's purity at heart. White means, it's clear of any weakness. It's absolutely powerful. For ones, white is the one who stands above all colors.

a powerful combo = Death Note + 2 members of Xlaws.

Though white is 80% connected to the law and righteousness, it is not necessarily good. There are times white is being used for lies. White can be charismatic and can be used for luring any other colors' weaknesses. White can be devious and if it's powers used recklessly, could result into disaster.

With this color, it's capable of any changes. It can befriend other colors, can strengthen their mystical energies, yet can stand alone strong and steady.


or with them?

White can create a stunning aura around. They can easily get the attention of others. Imagine wearing white in a stealth mission? Imagine walking alone in a dark street? Imagine you lost your cellphone with white LCD? See how the arrancars look in Bleach? White can be a double edge sword in physical, mental and magic fortitude.

Red. When we look at something red, what comes up your mind? Blood, Destruction, Fire, Rage, and Lust. While White follows law, Red follows instinct most of the time. Persons in Red tend to be hasty, sometimes causing destruction to themselves. They eliminate the use of thinking, and the promote use of instincts.

Red can be destructive at times, but sometimes it seeks love. Ever wonder why the hearts are red? they represent love and at the same time, lust. Red can be associated with other colors as well but it picks who to join and who to avoid. They hate personalities who uses complicated thinking, they love people who love fun, they like those who love them as well.

Red also is associated with speed due to its hasty tendencies. Ever wonder why in sentai series, always the first is the red ones? In magics, the fireballs are easy to cast. In Street Fighter, Ken Master wears a red gi and is faster than Ryu. For Red, it means getting a job done as soon as possible.

in the end, getting to be friends with Red can end in various ways. As long as you keep loving, you will receive love from that color.

Black, the color which is misinterpreted by many. Black is often thought to be the color of darkness, evil, power, loneliness and hell. Most of the time, White is the good and Black is the evil. As I mentioned earlier, White is not entirely good, same thing with black. Black does not necessarily means evil.

This color as opposed by White and Red, best to work alone. It's Intent is the source of strength that other colors lacks. It does not need somebody to depend on(There are times that it isn't). It deals it's own problems. For black, getting somebody to help results more chaos and chances of failing it's mission.

Black might be selfish, but it does not want to drag somebody else in its failure. It resorts to violent tendencies but unlike Red, it may also choose unethical ways. It will choose to cheat rather than surrender. It will use sacrifice for greater goals. For Black, failure means defeat.

If ever Black will choose to have any allies, it prefers to have those colors that are not bound to laws, but not bound to instincts as well. It prefers to be hidden if possible. It will choose those who can act on their own without putting themselves into shame. It likes personalities who are sane yet unpredictable.

Black might not be friendly... it needs to build up trust first...


That's all folks. I missed my blog, really. Hopefully, my Ozinefest project will be finished soon. I might discuss other colors as well in the near future.

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