Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Travel Back in Time! - TAGCOM

Alright, I know I haven't posted the Ozinefest yet. I feel soooo lazy to get back to that time to describe to you what happened on that event. But this event is the best one so I'll focus more on this one instead.


May 22nd

We have some issues before the day of the event. First, the making of Gatecrasher Aruiko's props and the whole costume itself. Luckily, for the costume part, it's already been done. For the props, we need to focus. With a struggling budget and time, Aruiko passed the buying of the tools to me which took a little time due to availability(i.e "Anong Greco glue ba yun?", "Wala na po bang maliit na PVC pipe?", "Magkano Rubber Sheet?"). We're fortunate to have some items and save money. Aruiko's able to get the items done and was able to finish it after a week.

Second, Gatecrasher Kirael's status is not good at all. Though, he first claim that he can come, he later took it back and mentioned that he will not be available. A lot of people missed him as other people told me. Anyways, there's always a second chance. See you at the next con brother.

That day, I thought it could be a failcon due to the fact that it's a three-day free event. I was wrong. I enjoyed it the most.

I didn't expect many will come on day 3. There's lots of people around!

And since I thought that my brothers will not come aside from Aruiko, we will have to get along with the other people.

What a big family indeed. NYAKO and Gatecrasher Aruiko

And another big family friend, Philippine Anime Otakus

As we wandered around, here's what I saw some new faces and the recent cosplayers I know. Too bad I haven't seen my favorites there.

The best of the event so far is that, I was able to get some photoshoots done for my friends there. Finding a good place is really hard, especially if you have other people tailing to your models.

Here are some of the photoshoot pictures:

Will not upload most of the pics though. But looking at these, you sure know we had a great day indeed.

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