Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Travel log - My Gaming Life part 1

I'm a hardcore gamer I admit. From NES up to PS1, From brick games to PSP, from old school fighter plane games to virtual racing, you name it.

Let's travel back in time why I got hooked up to gaming, what games I loved, and why.


Early 1994 - The Era of NES/ Famicom(At least from my part)

I was 6 years old that time. Having an NES means entertainment if you got good grades at school and something you can play on your own on weekends. Playing NES with friends are fun too. With the joystick or a virtual gun in hand, the fun does not stop when the screen says "Game Over".

This is the first game that created the single most hated character in video game history.

Duck Hunt is one of our favorites. We take turns of who will be the first to complete the round without missing the targets. We always laugh loud when one of us misses and we see that dog. If you pass, you move to another angle and try to shoot the targets again. This game is plain and simple, no storylines to follow, no distractions(just that dog) and fast paced gameplay.

The first Metal Slug? Heck no.

If it happens we get bored on getting to shoot up the screen, then we play this game next. In this game, we shoot up the bad guys. Anybody still remembered how to do the 30 lives cheat here? I bet you have forgotten already.

Each of us will take turns if the character we control dies. 30 Lives on 2 characters must be a long time to enjoy. After we exhausted the 30 lives, we have to start up from scratch.

At first, nobody of us knows how hadouken is done in joystick.

Sometimes, we do duel, this time not by shooting up bad guys or ducks, but on this game: Street Fighter. Like the caption says above, nobody knows how to do those super moves(and heck the most useful characters that we thought was E.Honda, Blank and Sagat). And believe it or not, we're not able to follow the movelists in a gaming magazines.

---1996 to 1999. introduction to arcades

on weekends, my family goes to mall shopping. While my mom goes on a shopping spree, I go to arcades. Since I learned how arcades work, I began "home invasion" on some arcade places in our town, some recognized my skills and some hated it. I also developed some friendship in that town because of it.

Samurai Aces - the very first jet fighter I began to like due to my fondness in samurai culture. From the OST then the characters' storylines, I believe this is the best. This game also emphasize patience, because if you get full power and shoot aimlessly, you'll get depowered at no time.

King of Fighters 96

KoF 96. This is the start of my journey for the fighting games. I'm still a newb that time for the movesets and the like. Most of the time, I rely on hit-and-run tactics with basic moves only. They call me annoying but that's the way I play.

I also discovered my interest in drawing since I like their characters.

Ouch that hurts
King of Fighters 97(KoF 97) - this is the time when I first learned the movesets in arcades. From here, I began to further improve by utilizing tactics. No more "same moves" necessary.

Street Fighter Alpha. Since I discovered how the movesets done, I also enjoyed this one. Especially the graphics are better than the old-school version.

Speaking of my obsession to the samurai culture, I got interested in Samurai Shodown 4. That action-pack series can get a newb defeat an experienced one or turn the tide of the battle for some tricks. Strategy is also observed on this game because you can't just attack recklessly.


This is how I will end the first part of my time travel folks. I'll tell you more interesting stories and games once I use my time travel device again.

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