Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To the Obsessed Persons there!

Here, I found some interesting post I left in my friendster waaaay back.

A man posted in the forums about getting in love with Ina Shibata. In a way he's showing not love but obsession to this cute cosplayer.

So then. Let’s cut to the chase. Another person asked him these, leaving him speechless

1. Girl lives in Japan/China, you live in Philippines.
2. You do not know girl, she does not know you.
3. She has probably got a boyfriend already. Or maybe a girlfriend, you wouldn’t know.
4. Do you speak Japanese? Or Chinese?
5. You are probably the only fan she has…….right?

Isn't it odd that some people does not know the difference of being in love and being obsessed.

Being in love means you respect her, you're not madly climbing to the top to reach her and you are instead inspired about getting to meet her in a good manner. Being in love means she'll make you motivated to do things the right way.

Being obsessed is different. If you want a very good example try watching the video STAN by EMINEM. Obsession is not normal.

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