Sunday, February 27, 2011

SM San Lazaro Event

Sunday, February 27,2011

Gatecrasher Aruiko and yours truly went to the first ever cosplay event of SM San Lazaro. At first, I was so excited thinking that it will be a successful event due to the members of Broken Cosplayers Guild and Nosebleed Cosplayers guild attending(They have lots of members, it's true). Alas, during the event, we ended up losing 75php for the ticket. Here are the reasons:

1. The event is so small but still you can see them from the outside. You don't need to go inside of the venue to enjoy watching the cosplay catwalk.

this is the shot from the outside

2. The Netopia is there, sadly, there's no free games...

3. There should be some freebies because it's a paid event. But alas, none.

4. According to one of my cosplay idols, there appears to be a chaos during the event itself.

To be honest, we were expecting lots from the organizers but they even didn't care about those who paid the tickets, sooooo bad.

If not for these guys, we didn't enjoy that day. Ladies and genlemen, the National Youth Anime Kinship Organization.

the National Youth Anime Kinship Organization or simply NYAKO. Others not in picture are: Luke, Eugene, Gene, Kyo, Kyohei, Dylan, Ran, Kumiko and Aruiko

They are the group of friends that are very close to the Gatecrasher Family. They are also versatile people who can do music, drawing, photography, cosplay and gaming. While waiting for the event to finish, we ended up doing our own event on the basement... in Timezone(Where in heaven can you find a Tekken 6 for 10php?). Some playing there, some meeting up friends, most of them went to do photography.

Luke posing at TZ

The event ended up by 6 or 7pm and almost everybody's packing up. As we bid goodbye to a failed event, we realized that we, the Gatecrasher Family, are not alone. Thanks a lot NYAKO!

Credits to Rae and Raffy for the Photos I used in this blog post. Here's the NYAKO group page:


And the Gatecrasher Family page:

Gatecrasher Family

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