Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Common words of Gamers

Good day, I feel like I want to post a random rant for today. It's all about gaming.

Remember playing an online game(Ragnarok, Grand Chase, Ran online etc...) or DotA(yeah yeah, I don't feel like playing it anymore), it's a fact that most players type something to annoy, distact, brag or indication of giving up. I'll enumerate to you at least 5 of it.

5. ASA - this three letter word is just for spam... admit it. typing it is such an easy task but you don't know know what it is.

4. Weak - yeah, you know what this word is, i know. But telling players weak could mean 2 things: the opponent has low stats or he is a no-brainer opponent. Not all in the first category can lose though...

this falls under the first category, which means, he mentioned that I am weak before that match

3. n00b or newb = there's a distinctive difference between these two words(aside from spelling of course). When we say this person is a newb, he's really new to the game. First timers fall under this category. When we say n00b, a stupid player that messes up everything in a teamplay, or somebody who can be defeated easily due to tactics... or include this one out.

translation: badtrip, I have sold my Tao Gunka card to an NPC

2. aw - go ahead and vent out. But spamming won't do anything good...

1. GG - there are many meanings of this jargon, could it be Genius Grounds cafe(Hey guys!), /gg emoticon in Ragnarok Online for giggling or it could be as well Good Game, the ones recognized in the professional gaming scene. It is the formal word for surrender/ conceding. Even in S.Korea, it's a very common word in the Starcraft League

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